Project Specifics

    The Thompson Creek Endako Mine became operation in 1965 and produces an average of 31,000 tonnes of Molybdenum per day. Molybdenum main use is metallurgy as an additive to alloys such as structural steel, stainless steel, and cast iron. Molybdenum’s versatility has made it a highly sought after element and thus Thompson Creek Mining has set out to increase production from 31,000 tonnes per day to almost double at 55,000 tonnes per day. The Endako site is said to contain close to 450 million tonnes of Molybdenum and the mine has an estimated life of  63 years.

    Our proven project management and production processes produced a innovative product designed to specific client needs while meeting tough deadlines.

    Sonic Enclosures designed and manufactured our clients’ products with reliability and innovation as a core concept. We strive to continually exceed our commitments to our clients by utilizing our experience and advising based on past projects of similar utility, environmental demand, and industry standards. This mentality is the driving force behind our +80% return customer rate.

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