Project Specifics

    Potassium Chloride, or Potash, is a mineral formed from the evaporation of large salt water deposits and used in the agricultural sector mainly as fertilizer.

    Mosaic’s K3 Potash mine near Esterhazy, Saskatchewan, when completed will provide raw potash ore to the K2 and K1 mine sites via overland belt conveyor systems. The ore will be processed into a variety of sizes and colors for use in farms around the world. 

    Potash Mining creates and external environment that is extremely corrosive to most materials which was taken into careful consideration by ThyssenKrupp and relayed to Sonic. Equipment and parts installed on the interior and exterior of the building were selected to maximise the resistance to the environment.  Any material used in this project not resistant to the environment had to be coated with a specially designed coating system and parts, HVAC units, ductwork, and fasteners had to be certified  316 Stainless Steel.

    Sonic generally utilizes an exterior wall mounted HVAC system when heating, cooling, and pressurization is required. Due to spatial factors at the K3 site, the HVAC system was custom build and installed inside the buildings.   This design allowed our clients piece of mind for protection against the element as well as met their space requirements.

    Sonic Enclosures provided Electrical Enclosures that addressed all client concerns and problems. We do this by utilizing our experience and expertise in Engineering, Production, Project Management, and Quality Control and Assurance.

    For this project the client had run into issues with generic door hardware corroding due to the environment. Sonic worked with the client to develop and produce locking mechanisms that would eliminate this issue.  

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