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At Sonic, we see four walls as an opportunity to create something remarkable.

A determination to provide you with the best products possible drives the team at Sonic Enclosures to focus on continual improvement in engineering and constructing the finest structural enclosures for a variety of industries.

Sonic began 40 years ago building sound-reducing enclosures for the sawmill industry. From this humble start, Sonic Enclosures has built a well-established reputation for producing high quality equipment in numerous configurations. Electrical houses. Mechanical houses. Specialized containers for the oil and gas industry or for dealing with chemical environments. Marine enclosures and more. Whatever you need, we can make possible, with attention to detail that’s legendary. As the company’s reputation has grown, so has its capabilities.

By utilizing innovative production approaches driven through an exceptional management structure, the company is so effective in meeting production schedules that production costs are significantly reduced. Sonic can provide higher quality products at considerable savings over larger firms.

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The expertise that launched Sonic to greatness


Built specifically for generator management


Mechanical equipment and control enclosures


DNV containers for marine and offshore


Mobilized chemical trailers and data vans

Electrical Enclosures

When you want the finest in modular industrial buildings to house critical electrical equipment, Sonic is your ideal solution. Electrical Enclosures represent 60% of our business. Our experience contributes to our ability to create unmatched portable industrial e-houses. The equipment housed inside is a combination of VFD, switchgear, MCC panel boards, service transformers, UPS, lights and receptacles.

Construction varies by application and your unique needs. Enclosures can be built and then divided into sections for shipping. All electrical houses comply with the regional Building & Electrical Codes. We either install the equipment supplied by others or provide a complete package, tested and ready to go.

Generator Enclosures

Enclosures especially designed to house electrical generators and power systems. With our decades of experience in Electrical and Mechanical enclosures, building them to house generators is a natural fit for Sonic’s capabilities.

Mechanical Enclosures

Simply stated, these are enclosures with mechanical equipment inside. This equipment includes boilers, gas turbines, diesel gen-sets, and ROV launch and recovery controls. Team Sonic loves the challenge of integrating complex mechanical systems. After all, voltage and current are analogous to pressure and flow.

DNV Rated Marine Enclosures

Our marine structures are fully capable of servicing the inclement conditions associated with the marine and offshore industry. Products include customized Berthing Quarters, ROV Control Rooms, Chemical Storage, Marine Biology labs and Clean Rooms and even Antarctic Expedition labs. Heavy-duty units are governed by DNV, ABS, and USCG. Our marine electrical enclosures are built to the same international maritime standards.

Mobile Trailers & Chemical Labs

Sonic designs and builds customized chemical trailers and data vans that service the oil and gas industry. Chemical distribution trailers carry chemicals to land-based wells to enhance recovery. Data vans house electronics to monitor, manage, record and report on chemical disbursements. Given these functions, assembly must be light and strong in order to meet the carrying capacities required and the demands of repetitive trips through rough country.

Chemical trailers and data vans used in the fracturing process range in size from 30 to 50 feet in length and come with pumps, independent power and waste collection. Mobilization and setup requires minimal effort.