Project Specifics

In 2017-2018 Syncrude’s Partners identified a potential increase to the reliability of its Mildred Lake Facilities. Suncor, Majority Shareholder of Syncrude, determined that building a pipeline between the main Suncor Facility and Syncrude’s Mildred Lake would yield an average 90% reliability.

Sonic Enclosures was contracted by Atlas Copco to design and manufacture 1 Pre-Heater Compressor Package. The Compressor Package contained 1 Altas Copco Compressor complete with intake air heating, piping, control instrumentation and PLC, and 2 large aftercoolers. The system was designed to ABSA and has CRN Certification.

This project required the use of all of Sonic’s skills. This building required a custom design with custom doors for insulation requirements, process piping design/manufacture/certification, automated controls design and testing, specialized HVAC for intake and exhaust including automation of dampers and in duct heaters, and specific coatings schedule. The end result was a great project for Sonic and a happy Client and End User.

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