Project Specifics

    In 1971 our company was formed to service the demand for acoustical enclosures for the forestry industry. Safety regulations regarding working in loud environments had changed and legislation was put in place by the province mandating that operators of sawmill equipment are to be protected by soundproof enclosures.


    Our in-house acoustical engineering skills allowed us to meet industry needs. The “Sonic” of Sonic Enclosures is a reference to these beginnings. Over the last 5 decades, we have produced countless operators cabs from simple booths to complex units to ensure the safety and comfort of the operators in one of Canada’s cornerstone industries.

    Our Operators Cabs service any need our clients have. This ranges from simple requirements for short-term inhabitation to complex long-term inhabitation. Some of our past projects involved the following:

    • Built-in operators chairs and controls
    • Bulletproof glass
    • Window washing systems
    • Communications Systems
    • Microwaves and refrigerators
    • Lavatories

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