Project Specifics

    BC Hydro’s Camosun substation was build in the 1960s and was in need of replacement and upgrade. The project included 2 new HV transformers, 1 new GIS building, and the replacement of Steel support manifolds.

    Sonic Enclosures was contracted by Wood to design, manufacture, and install 2 Knock up acoustical dampening enclosures around 2 existing site transformers. The new High Voltage Transformer installed on-site emit a large amount of ambient noise and due to the proximity to the neighboring residential district this was unacceptable. The solution was to manufacture and install buildings around the already installed equipment. The paneled Knock Up solution manufactured by Sonic meant no downtime on-site would be needed, the transport costs would be minimized, and the transformer noise would be damped to acceptable levels.

    Sonic’s worked closely with Wood and BC Hydro to ensure the project was on schedule and provided adequate sound attenuation. Sonic development detailed CAD and 3D drawing packs as well as a step by step installation manual. We sent a crew to the site to assist in the installation and ensure the panel operated as intended.

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