Project Specifics

    Modified two 20’ ISO shipping containers into portable Scientific ROV Control vans that can be used either as an independent 20’x8’ van or joined side-to-side with another 20’x8’ van when additional space is required.

    These Control vans contain the control, telemetry, and data collection equipment necessary for a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) built by WHOI’s Deep Submergence Laboratory and funded by the National Science Foundation. The Control Vans and ROV combination allow scientists to have access to the deep seafloor without leaving the deck of a ship.

    In 2003 Sonic Enclosures Ltd built Control Van’s for WHOI, and in 2017 they returned to with a second Project Request. The 2003 and 2017 project are very similar with several improvements. The improvements include a panel with a removable man-door, insulated removable wall panels allowing the joinable vans to be used independently, ¾” thick stainless steel machined mounting plate, and an improved seal cover plate.

    Through rigorous analysis of the client needs, the previous project, and environmental hazards, Sonic could suggest and consult with WHOI to design and better product.

    Some of the design changes include engineering new parts to allow for Van-A to be used independently, added several additional items to the original scope throughout the project such as an additional removable entry door, installation of wall fabric, and a large custom stainless steel mounting plate.

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