Project Specifics

    Vancouver’s G3 Terminal was built to provide a conduit for Canadian Farmers to access the world’s agricultural markets. The facility will optimize grain storage, receiving and shipping primarily for wheat, canola, corn, peas, soybeans, and other specialty by-products. The facility will include; 48 silos at a height of 64m tall including the conveyors, a grain cleaning facility, berth structure with 3 ship loaders, aspiration system, maintenance shop, control center, and substation.

    Sonic Enclosures was contracted by Kiewit Infrastructure group to design, supply, integrate all equipment and test 4 large E-room for the G3 Grain Terminal in Vancouver. The units will distribute power and controls for the site to ensure the optimal working efficiency of all systems.

    Sonic’s proximity to the site allowed for the facilitation of site assistance during installation and commissioning.

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