Project Specifics

    Trans Canada Pipeline’s (TCPL) Keystone pipeline expansion project plans on expanding daily delivery volumes of 435,000 barrels/day to 590,000 barrels/day. The pipeline originates at the Canadian oil sands in Hardisty, Alberta and is planned to expand to end at Cushing, Oklahoma, USA. In 2008 Canada exported 1793.49 Million barrels of Crude oil per day and of that USA imports account for roughly 305 Million barrels with demand increasing. TCPL has recognised the increase in demands and is expanding their Keystone pipeline to capitalize on Canadian Crude exports.

    Our proven project management and production processes produced a innovative product designed to specific client needs while meeting tough deadlines.

    Sonic Enclosures designed and manufactured our clients’ products with reliability and innovation as a core concept. We strive to continually exceed our commitments to our clients by utilizing our experience and advising based on past projects of similar utility, environmental demand, and industry standards. This mentality is the driving force behind our +80% return customer rate.

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