Project Specifics

    Modified Three 20’ ISO shipping containers into portable Scientific ROV Control vans that can be used either as an independent 20’x8’ van or joined side-to-side with the other 20’x8’ vans when additional space is required.

    These Control vans contain the control, telemetry, and data collection equipment necessary for a remotely operated vehicle (ROV). The Control Vans and ROV combination allow scientists to have access to the deep seafloor without leaving the deck of a ship.

    Control Van’s where one of Sonic’s first product offerings. Over the past 4 decades, we have produced these units as stand-alone units, combined units, lab units etc. The construction methodology can be a Prefabricated panel formed, Containerized, or Truck and Chasse with each being highly customizable from carpeted walls to Medical lab specifications.

    Sonic’s ability to listen and understand what our client’s needs are allowed us to implement the project needs. The project required sound-dampening interior wall systems with one unit housing a conference room with a removable floor. Sonic was able to devise a system to include all aspects of the client’s needs.

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