Project Specifics

    Rio Tinto has committed US$4.8 Billion to build a new smelter in Kitimat, to replace its Kitimat Works smelter built in 1954. The Kitimat Modernization Project will use the newest, most modern AP pre-bake technology and will increase production capacity by as much as 48 per cent, from the current 282,000 tonnes per year to 420,000 tonnes per year. It will also be the greenest and among the lowest cost smelters in the world, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 50 per cent.
    Sonic Enclosures built 23 Electrical Houses composed of over 40 modular units to provide electrical distribution and control for the main and sub processes of aluminum production at Alcan. Sonic and Bechtel came to an agreement on a standardized modular design for the 23 buildings. Standardized modular design of the 20ft, 40ft, and 60ft buildings allowed for economies of scale, transport and logistics efficiency and increased quality through repetition and experience.
    40 years of engineering experience allowed Sonic Enclosures to manufacture top quality modules on schedule.

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